Monday, July 01, 2013

But that's not the way the world works...

Having just finished watching all seven seasons of West Wing for the second time, I've been thinking a lot about what it would look if by miracle of miracles, I did become president (which actually I have no desire to be president).

1. I wouldn't have a vice president but a co-president. The president works loo-ooong hours and then has to make big WORLD changing decisions on 3 hours sleep. I propose to have two presidents. I'd work from 5am-3pm and my co-president (Anne) would work from 3pm to 1am. We'd spend from 3-5 catching up on the day's events in the world or you know watching Meg Ryan movies depending on the day.

2. I would surround myself in the West Wing and the cabinet with all of you, or if you're an expat make you an ambassador....for example.

Rachel of Diary of Why becomes the Ambassador to France.
Juliet of Evolving Revolver becomes the event planner to the President.
Sara of the Titleless Blog becomes the Ambassador to Chile.
Kirsti of Melbourne on my Mind I would hire to archive all presidential gifts from other nations (which may not seems glamourous but at least according to West Wing, those gifts are hilarious.
Teacher Girl I would nominate to be the Secretary of Education.
Kristen from Why Girls are Weird would become the Director of Social Media Comms for the White House.
The Zadge would be nominated to the Supreme Court.
Kyle Hepp would obviously be the Presidential photographer and would come on all presidential trips around the world with Anne and me.
Andi from My Beautiful Adventures would be our onsite acupuncturist (someone has to keep Jorge out of the White House).
Crystal from Crystal goes to Europe would be White House animal wrangler (the white house would be getting puppies and kittens, yo) and if she wanted we'd create a secretary of animal welfare in the Cabinet and she could have that role as well.

Of course that's not that end of the list. Because I want all of you on my team!

I'd also go in with a vision (maybe it's just me - this American in Australia), but I feel like in Australia politicians lack a vision.

Here's mine. America steps up and does more than their fair share to solve the climate crisis. We stop building nuclear power stations, we invest heavily in the wind and the sun, and tax the hell out of businesses who don't start adapting and mitigating their emissions.

I envision a country where food isn't made from a bunch of ingredients derived from unlabeled GMO corn, but you know real ingredients. A country where Monsanto is a business not a policy maker.

Are you on board?


  1. hahahaha, you're right, Australian politicians do lack vision.

  2. A country run only by women... I'm ready to test that out!

  3. Oooh I like this vision of yours, lets do it!

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  4. I love your vision, and I would vote for you!

    - Val @

  5. Could you imagine being president? I used to think it would be cool but talk about a stressful job. No thanks!

  6. I have never watched the West Wing... am I missing out??

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  7. I love your idea! {as long as there were long iced coffee and cake breaks}!
    xo Mary Jo

  8. Woooo, Ambassador to France! I could deal with it.

  9. I would vote for you! Amen sister! Is it too much to ask to see what the hell we are eating?!?! Seriously when is the US gonna wake up! Peace!

  10. Interesting idea! Sounds like a great bunch of ladies to work with.

    I'd be happy if to apply for the job of Chief Engineer (I just made up this title). Not sure what I'd do, but I could help with transport/water/energy planning?

  11. Hahahaha...i totally died laughing reading this post. Now, i need to try and watch West Wing. Infact i need to google it to see what it's about :)

    xo Stephanie

  12. I'm intrigued! I kind of like this idea!

    XO Lourdes

  13. MY DREAM JOB...seriously, let's figure out a way to make your dream happen.

    I couldn't think of a better team to run the country ;)

  14. YAY!!! We're going to the White House!!! :)

  15. This sounds like quite a revolution you would pioneer! And some fun people to help you along the way =)

  16. Can I be the Czar of chocolate sweets??? :-)

    1. Of cooking them or eating them? (yes, obviously. but I just want to clarify :))

  17. Meg Ryan movies are VITAL to proper decision making inspiration. I like this plan. You have my vote!

  18. Do not even get me started on politics? I would love to vote for you!! I really need to see the West Wing dont i?

    The trenchcoast is not overally warm but I mainly wear it on days where I don't want to wear a full on coat so it probably won't get much wear in winter but perfect for Autumn and Spring :)

  19. You are too funny! I love the West Wing. That show always make me want to get up and fight for something.

  20. I love it! We need to think of a catchy slogan . . .

    And what would it be like if the US got its act together? I don't even know.

  21. It makes perfect sense to me !!!

  22. This is so funny! I think you'd make an awesome president!