Friday, September 27, 2013


1. I've been doing some blogging for The Shake. Go on and stop by, look around, or just check out my recipe for gluten free whole lemon bars. They're pretty delicious.

2. My laptop is...dying. About six months ago my lap top started buzzing - loudly - on a irregular basis. It's now done it every day for the past two weeks. When it first started happening, I immediately busted out my external hard drive to back up everything (ie my whole life which is on this computer), only to find the hard drive wouldn't turn on. So, last weekend I went and purchased a new hard drive, am all backed up and the buzzing continues. It's driving me absolutely bonkers.  When I asked the computer guy he said "without a doubt it's your hard drive" my computer is six years old. I think I'll just wait for it to die as peacefully as possible and go from there. Meanwhile, I'll go crazy from the buzzing. I not describe how loud it is.

3. I'm struggling to understand what is happening with my blog. I feel like I haven't changed, but we've changed (yes, you and I). Does anyone else feel this?

4. I've had three job interviews in three weeks. Oh yeah. I know I didn't get one of them (which is for the best because they ended up giving me the heebie jeebies), and I'm waiting to hear back from the others. This of course has made me increasingly worried about the change in my routine if I get the job. No matter how many times Inspector Climate says "you can't worry about that until a. you have the job and b. you know what it's like to go in to work for a few weeks" I just don't care. I'll worry about it now. Thank you very much. It's how I roll.

5. I don't really consume news. I don't watch the news (why is it always bad news? Does nothing good EVER happen in this world? seriously), I don't listen to the news (for a while we were listening to the radio when we woke up and I started getting super paranoid about people killing me in the street. This is crazy, and yet true), and I don't really go to news websites unless they hook me in from a tweet. And even with this non-consumption of news, the media is making me so angry. Like so angry.

So there's that. Really? And don't get me started on the news around Australia's recent demolished Climate Commission. The new Australian government was like "we don't need an independent authority to tell the people what's what on climate change..." so they axed it. The People were like "yeah, we really do." And so they are crowd sourcing funding to keep it alive, do you know what the response has been to this..."Well it looks like it didn't need government funding anyway." Jaw dropped. Australia could be like the United States and not have government funded health care...but I think we can all agree that that system is pretty shit. But the worst part is that the main stream media has barely covered it at all.

Wow. Sorry. This got a little rant-y. I just I've had it up to here (here being above my head - clearly).

How's your week been going.


  1. I'm a news glutton, and I thought the MSM (at least The Age, The Guardian and The ABC) had covered the abolition of the Climate Commission pretty comprehensively (yes, it's very angry-making). They also covered its resurrection as a privately funded organisation, although that was more low key.

  2. Great news on the interview- "holding thumbs" for you! I too am the type to worry about my routine changing. My laptop is slowly dying too. I've already had to replace the screen. And I've filled up the hard drive with pictures, so I must get an external one to supplement.

  3. Good luck on the job front!!!! Praying you get an offer from the 'right one' - whichever that might be. :) Have a great weekend!

  4. Oh man, after 6 years, you're typically living on borrowed time with a laptop--good thing it's giving you warning of its impending death, so that you could get everything backed up!

  5. I hope you get one of those jobs. I'm sending positive thoughts your way. What kind of blogging changing are you referring to if I may ask?

    1. I just feel like people aren't commenting as much and I'm having a harder time engaging with people. I'm not sure if it's a 'me' problem or a general shift in the whole blogosphere.

  6. Eeh, I'm glad the ones who gave you the heebie jeebies didn't call you back. Creepy.

    Oh, and thanks for the reminder--I need to back of my laptop as well . . .

  7. I've been keeping up with your job interviews by way of twitter, I'm hoping that you hear good news soon and we can pop some champagne to celebrate

  8. I hear you on the "BUT I'LL HAVE TO CHANGE MY ROUTINE" front. The very idea of changing my routine that dramatically is enough to make me want to hide under the covers forever. I mean, it'll put a serious crimp in our Dessert Day time for a start!!

  9. Crossing my fingers you get one of the jobs and that you'll enjoy it. And even though I watch the news on TV here every night, most of the time it just eats away at the shred of hope I have left for humanity. I'll stick to the cute animal posts on Buzzfeed, thanks.

  10. Oh my gosh with the job interviews, crossing my fingers and toes for you!!

  11. I hope you hear about those interviews soon! Waiting must be insanely stressful. Did you get the heebs from the other places? What kind of job are you looking for? If you don't mind my nosiness.

    Nooooo not the climate commission! AH.

  12. Yep the news pretty much is poop! And they cover all the wrong things all the time. I feel the same way about GMOs and Monsanto....we the people don't want their "crap" yet the big guys are running the is all very frustrating! We often joke that we need to buy a farm! Wish you well on the interviews and I hope that you have a lovely weekend! No apologies on the rant!

  13. It also irritates me no end when something is wrong on my computer...
    And I don't bother watching the news anymore
    too many bad things they share in there.
    Same old same old.

  14. My laptop has been buzzing too! I keep telling people there's a bug in it because somehow being ridiculously in denial seems to be draggin gout its life.

  15. My laptop is on it's last limb. The worst part is I do not have the money to replace it.

    Xo Lourdes