Friday, September 13, 2013

What I've been looking at.

Sorry I've been a little absent this week, I had a post I desperately wanted to write and then couldn't just incase a job interview I had this week asked me about my blog. So stayed for that next week!

I mentioned a few posts ago, that I've been getting back into Instagram after quite a long absence (you can follow me @decoybetty - if you want to ... no pressure). Here is what my week has looked like:

Is it a photo post with pictures of our lemon tree? No, no it is not. Plus this provides quite an impressive before photo as to what comes later on.

I'm knitting a sweater! In fact I'm knitting this sweater for Inspector Climate. The first 14 inches went by so quickly that I was like, man this sweater is A BREEZE people, A BREEZE. and then The next 4 inches went by pretty quickly and then I had to rip out about 8 inches because...hahaha. Knitting.

This is what it looked like prior to being ripped out (there was actually more of it too...) I'm almost back to this point but man I've been struggling. Are there knitters out there? The first time I knit in the chevrons, I knit the two colours way to tight, which is why I had to rip it out. So then, I thought maybe if I carried the yarn over more frequently it wouldn't be so tight. so I tried that and white was showing through the brown (there were tears). So then I used this method to do the two colours and it's definitely loose enough now, but there is still some white showing through. I'm about to give up though. I'm not sure I can face ripping it out again.

I had a job interview on Tuesday. Except, I didn't. But this is basically what I look like prior to job interview.

We don't have a car. But our apartment comes with a car park. In our car park we keep our planter box, our lemon tree, our olive tree, and our compost bins. One day we went out and someone had put a porta-shower in our car park. Rude. I would have been ok with that, except that they put it actually ON TOP of our lemon tree. And no one messes with our lemon tree.

Some days just call for colour?

I tried a new recipe, sweet and sour tofu.

The interview was rescheduled for Thursday. I look shockingly similar, except more afraid.

Melbourne put on a pretty stellar afternoon.

What have you been looking at?


  1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your job interview results!

  2. I'm a knitter! I've been trying to knit a sweater for my husband for over a year.

  3. Yes, fingers crossed for your interview! I love how colourful some of your outfits are...I tend to always stick to earth tones.

    The sweet and sour tofu stirfry looks delish!

  4. Oh my goodness, trash dumpers are the worse. Right now we have this chair that I can see outside my kitchen window, that is driving me crazy. But no neighbours will take care of it so we will have to, unless I want to look at garbage every time I do the dishes.

    And sheesh ... Right on top of your lemon tree!? That is rude alright.

  5. Poor lemon tree! Some people . . .

    Also, I'm amazed at your sweater. Sure, you've had to rip out, but it's looking good.

    And I'm with everyone else . . . best wishes, fingers crossed, prayers for the perfect (as perfect as they can be, mind you) to come your way.

    As for me, I've been alternating looking at basement walls and a computer screen this week. Needles to say, 'm hoping to add some color and excitement this weekend! :)

  6. So why was the porta-shower there?!

  7. Oh, I feel your knitting pain. It seems likely that when you block it, the yarns will bloom and the main color will basically expand enough to hide the bits of white. (Also, there's no shame in going in with a tapestry needle and knitting over any floats that are visible through the front, which is what I've done in the past.) Looking forward to seeing the finished product.

    Fingers crossed for your interview!

  8. Good luck with your interview! I love knitting, but the problem is that I never finish my projects :P

  9. Haha about the sweater. I'm too afraid to take on such a big project- kudos for taking the leap! and good luck on the job!

  10. Oh my gosh I love your slightly more afraid face lol. How'd the interview go?

  11. I am so, so impressed that you are knitting a sweater, I cant even knit a bloody scarf! I hope something comes from your job interviews, fingers crossed love.
    I have been looking at the computer most of the day, catching up on the blog world.

  12. No one messes with your lemon tree! Love that!! Hope the interview went well!!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  13. I keep hoping you'll get a job that you love!!! Please tell me you got that moved out of your car park!

  14. I think it's totally rude that they rescheduled your interview! Not cool, prospective employers... not cool.

    Hope the lemon tree survives the ill fated attempt on its life!