Wednesday, September 25, 2013

You Majestic piece of Carob - You make my appendix explode with love.*

The book that I'm currently reading aloud to Inspector Climate is Richard Burton's translation of 1001 Arabian nights. Me thinks it will take us several years to read the whole thing (it's three volumes of over 1000 pages each). There a couple of things that made me what to read this book in particular aloud.

First of all, I remember my dad telling me how much he loved reading these books back before he had kids in the house he built with his own hands on cold winter New England nights. He used to tell me some of the stories as  he'd rub my back before I fell asleep at night.

Second of all, because of that memory, it's on my life list to read.

Third, when I asked to borrow the book from my parents (we only took the first volume back to Australia with us), I opened up the first page and on the inside cover my mom had written a little note to my dad. It is just so sweet that when they were first living together they shared these stories. Let's say it together, awwww.

The drawback of reading this translation aloud is that it was written in 1885. So not only am I stumbling around trying to pronounce Arabic names, but I'm reading all these thous, thees, and thys in funny sentence structure and while that's well and good while you're reading it to yourself. Out loud, at least, I get a bit tongue tied.  Good grief, it's a bit of a slog some nights. (We're going to take a break shortly and read some thing a tad lighter...see why we'll be reading this out loud to each other for the rest of our lives).

However, the best part of this book are some of the phrases.

I thought I'd share a few of my favourites:

'The love I felt would make my gallbladder explode.' How romantic!

She was a slender stalk of sweet basil (this is my favourite and I now say it all the time to Inspector Climate. I'm a hater of the pet name. The first time (and the last time) Inspector Climate called me babe I said "please don't call me that, I just threw up in my mouth a little).

'Close buttocks' and if that wasn't explicit enough 'belly bumping' - meow! The dirty talk.

And probably the most used phrase. 'To marvel with exceeding marvel' ah yes.

So what's causing you to marvel with exceeding marvel today.

*so far no one has said these lines...but it will happen. I can just feel it.


  1. I have always been called a pet name by my significant others - I find them rather endearing :)

  2. Who knew that having your gallbladder explode would be a good thing?! I trust you'll continue to give us updates on further ridiculous passages in the future???

  3. Haha very interesting, you better keep sharing this stuff with us!

  4. I love so much that you guys read aloud to each other! Also the fact that you found that note in the front of the book is super sweet. :-)

    Sarah @ Life As Always

  5. I'm marveling with exceeding marvels that you have made it that far into the book. I can't even read Jane Austen because of all that jazz talking.

  6. reading aloud is always something I love to do. It makes reading just that little bit more exciting!

    I tried to real 1001 Arabian Nights as a child. I was given it as a gift, still never got around to finishing it. Perhaps I shall though. Sounds like an exciting adventure in itself

  7. Sweet basil. Wow. Those people in the 1800s were pretty explicit!

  8. The fact the little boy I was teaching says "DERP!" every two seconds!

  9. I started reading Arabian Nights last year . . . I think I made it through the first three stories before I felt I could sum it up as such: women suck. Perhaps it was my frame of mind? I'll have to give it another try . . . someday . . . when I can't find anything else to read. :)

  10. That's me reading your blog - marveling with exceeding marvel. These phrases are making my head spin a little ;)

  11. Oh... I need to read this!

    XO Lourdes