Tuesday, October 01, 2013

A journey begins with a single step...

So, my yoga course starts tomorrow. And I'm equal parts nervous and excited. The course is at night time (until 10pm! Do you know how impossible it is for me to stay up until 10 pm? What am I doing!?) and I'm worried about a million and one things about it being so late at night. Mostly around how I'll stay awake and also how will I stay awake (seriously, how will I stay awake).

Last week, we had an induction session where all the new students sat in a semi circle and we talked about why were doing this course. I swear to god 12 out of the 15 people in the room used some sort of journey metaphor to explain why they were there. Maybe it's because after a couple of seasons of watching MasterChef I've OD'd on the Journey-talk or maybe it is legitimately super annoying, but I had had ENOUGH. Don't get me wrong, I love a good dose of Profoundity as much as the next person.

For the most part, I hope to be open minded. If people believe that a series of signs has pointed them in the direction of something, I'm happy to hear about it (even if the signs are "a psychic told me"). I'm pretty open minded until someone isn't open minded about me and then I start to get...less open minded. So I feel like I should be all over this journey talk. I feel like this should be up my alley particularly because yoga teachers seem to love a splash of the journey talk. But instead, I find it...tedious.

"I'm not sure where this journey is going to lead me"

"It's not about where we end up...it's about the journey"

"The hardest part of starting the journey is the first step"

"This seemed like the right place for me to be in this part of my journey"

Isn't all that just life?

I can describe my 'journey' in one sentence: I moved to Australia and I met a boy; we got married. And maybe that would pique your interest (I mean I assume it does...otherwise why are you here?), and then you know what I would elaborate on? Moments and stories within that journey.

My point is this: I want to stop talking about the 'journey' and start sharing stories instead. My other point I like my Journey's to be a bit more like this:


  1. I dare you to break into song next time someone talks about their journey.

  2. i prefer to live my journey instead of talk about it! talk is boring, action is fun :) good luck with the course!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I'm with Melbourne on my Mind . . . that would be awesome! Also, good luck on the staying up bit. As a person who loses all color whatsoever around 9 p.m., I feel your pain . . . except I don't, because I'll be in bed at 10.

  4. Yeah, that would bother me too. I am a bit nervous around "spiritual" people and I never know what to say to them or how to act.

    I'm starting a year-long course as well and let me tell you, I feel really out of my element! I have to push myself this year and try not to care about what other people think about me and just think about why I'm doing my course: to learn more about my subject.

  5. Best of luck on the start of your Yoga class my friend :)

  6. I so get this... I'm at a place in my life where I no longer want to hear these philosophical lines... I want action.

  7. Best of luck with your yoga class and instead of enjoying the journey, how about make some stories instead? I know we'll all enjoy hearing them later

  8. Haha I'm with Melbourne on my mind! That would be amazing!

    I've been contemplating starting a yoga class (well more like being nagged constantly by my best-friend who thinks it'll help my anger issues...that really doesn't exist *whistles*) but I'm nervous. I guess it is the fear of the unknown. But about that journey! Yeah...I gat nothing.

    I'm excited for you though! Can't wait to read about your first class :D


  9. Haha, good one! We've got an excellent yoga studio just down the street and I've been interested in checking it out, but afraid to try it because I know I won't fit in with the journey-seekers, as opposed to the exercise-seekers one of which I would be. You've put my feelings into words. Looking forward to hearing your stories about the class.

  10. Hope the class is awesome and you enjoy it. I'm not a big fan of new agey/spiritual type conversations because I don't really buy into any of it. Life is a string of consequences from all the choices we make - that's it!

  11. I almost think that yoga types feel the need to be extra profound, new-agey, and wise. But my favorite yoga instructor was a dude who told it like it was, and didn't spend the whole time talking about how yoga translated into real life. He focused on what was real in that moment, in that space, and allowed us to translate for ourselves.

    It was exactly what I needed.

    Good luck with your yoga course! You are going to be an excellent instructor!

  12. So happy for you and that you decided to pursue this! No doubt you're gonna kick some MAJOR ASS, wheeeee!! Props to ya, woman! (Too many exclamation points! Okay, imma stop now. Hahah.)