Friday, October 25, 2013

Let's all take a moment of appreciation

Although I've known this was coming for a long while, I was still very sad to see that one of my oldest blog friends has written her last post. Now this is not a post trying to convince her to keep blogging - because what's the point of doing something you're just not that into anymore?

But rather I just wanted to send a big thank you, throw a bit of a virtual going away party, to my dear friend Rachel of Diary of Why. I first started reading Rachel's blog in early 2009 and I was immediately smitten with her writing style and her stories and her sense of humour. Plus, she was an expat living in France at the time and I was inhaling expat blogs like they were the only thing that were keeping me alive. And in some cases they were. Diary of Why was one of the few blogs from that time that I've continued to read for the last 4 years and frankly have become such a part of my life that I find myself saying things like "Well my friend Rachel says" or "Something similar happened to my friend Rachel" - even though we only met last year...

I think I've read every post she's ever written, bingeing on her archives and extracting all of her wisdom and wit. Sometimes screaming out at the in justices of life on her behalf, and even occasionally crying.

Rachel and I share a love for Ally McBeal.

Last year, I got to meet Rachel while I was in Washington DC briefly and it was just the most amazing thing to finally put an audible voice to the voice that comes out so strongly through her words (like this post! Perfection + a Friends reference! Oh my goodness and this post which reminds me of when a date told me that I reminded him of Shaun White...sadly, I knew exactly who Shaun White is).

Anyway, I just wanted to thank Rachel for writing her story and sharing it with us - congratulate her on getting her real estate license - and generally introduce you (again) to one of my favourite human beings.

With that, let's all toast to Rachel! Hip Hip Hooray!


  1. We make such good and amazing friends through blogging that it's sad when someone leaves isn't it? A good friend of mine left Blogger recently as well. I miss them.

  2. Oh my goodness...I don't even know what to say. You are so sweet! And boy, does clicking back on those old posts bring back some memories. Not necessarily good ones, ha, but still...

    Gosh, you've got me all verklempt. I know Australia is a world away, but if you and IC are ever back in DC I would be honored to hang out with you guys again. Or if I'm in Australia one day... (hey, you never know!) Thank you so much for this post, this is awesome. :)

  3. Here, here! I was so sad to see that Rachel is stepping back from blogging because she's always been one of my favourites, too. She's an amazing writer, and I always looked forward to her posts. I guess now I'll just have to satisfy my "Diary of Why" cravings with a randomly selected archived post! We'll miss you, Rachel!!

  4. I love the blogs that makkes you feel like you really know the person writing it. And by the way every time I see Ellen on TV I think of you:)

  5. Oh how sad, I hate when my fav bloggers step back from blogging. I know it has to happen sometimes but it's still hard.

  6. Deidre....
    Thank-you for commenting on my Blog!! I truly appreciated it!! ;)
    I am sorry about your Blogging Friend!! That would definitely feel as though you are losing a loved one!! In a minuscule sense, I understand. One of my first Blogging Friends has recently made her Website private. :-(
    By the way? I like Shaun White. I stayed up very, very late during the Olympics once to watch him partake in a dangerous new stunt!! ;)

    1. I know nothing about Shaun White's personality, I'm sure he is lovely. But this guy was pretty much saying I looked like Shaun White - which wasn't the compliment I was hoping for on a first date :)

    2. Ah, now I get it!! It was late when I read your post. Thanks for clearing that up!! And you do not look like Shaun White!! At. All!! ;)

  7. Aw, good luck to Rachel and her new endeavours :)

  8. This is just the sweetest thing!!! What a wonderful tribute to a former blogger. :-)

  9. I always feel sad when bloggers I love decide to stop writing. Reading their blogs has become a part of my daily routine.

    And YES! Ally McBeal is my FAVE.