Friday, November 15, 2013

NaBloPoMo Day 15: My blogger dinner party.

Ok, so yesterday I answered ten questions from Sarah, but in doing so, I also had to write ten questions. It seems a waste to not answer them, right?!

Here are the 10 questions I'd like you (the people who I will shortly tag) to answer.
1. When life gets busy, how do you stay motivated (particularly to blog, but just in general as well)?

I can answer this most specifically in terms of yoga. I go to yoga 5 times a week (although the past two weeks it's been less than that. But that's a story for another time (and not an interesting one)). And basically I just feel weird if I don't go. One of the things we've been talking about in yoga is that by doing things that inspire you, you actually become more motivated to do more of that thing that inspires you. If that makes any sense?

2. What recipe is like "your thing" the thing you make really well and your friends always ask you to make?

I make homemade refried beans with home made tortillas which has basically become my thing.

3. You are throwing a blogger dinner party, which five bloggers would you invite?

I'd invite Kyle Hepp,  Ashley from the Middle Finger Project - I admire these two ladies (who happen to be good friends) so much - I feel like they're the big sisters I never had. I just want to learn everything I can from them about living (is that weird?).

Similarly, I'd invite Rebecca from Girls Gone Child.

Then I'd invite Evolving Revolver and Sara from Titleless Blog I just feel like we're never on the same continent at the same time. And we've been blog friends for years, and let's just MEET already. But Sara and I wouldn't be able to leave the house together because all the crazies would be magnetically attracted to where we were.

And then I'd feel awful, and have to have 300 more blogger dinner parties so I could meet everyone else.

4. When the dentist asks you "Have you been flossing every day" and you say "yes, of course!" are you lying?

I'm not lying. I floss twice a day.

5. If you have a life list type of thing, what are the top five things you really want to tick off in the next year? (And if you don't, what are some of the things you want to accomplish next year).

A. Go to the Northern Territory so I can have been to all the states and territories in Australia.
B. Get a job...who is surprised by this?
C. Environmental Sabbath. This is the summer! (I hope).
D. I'd like to really think about my life list more deeply and add more things to it.
E. Get to at least 75 new recipes that I've tried?

6. We all say we love to receive letters, so what's the one thing that inhibits you from writing and mailing them?

I think it's because when I don't receive a letter back i find it a personal offence. So if I could get over that hurdle I'd be sending letters all the time.

7. What's your guilty pleasure? (TV, book, movie, snack?)

TV: When I'm sad Friends reruns are a good way to make me at least act like a civil human being.
Movie: Anything with Meg Ryan.
Book: There is truly silly and chick Lit-y book "Serendipity" that just tickles me.
Snack: I just ate popcorn for lunch...does that count?

8. What is your favourite thing to clean around the house and why?

I really like folding laundry. I don't like doing laundry, I don't like putting the clothes away, but I like to FOLD the laundry.

9. What does Thanksgiving day at your family look like? (And if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, tell us about your favourite holiday)

Well, we always Thanksgiving at my grandmother's house and when I was little there would be a HUGE amount of people there. There were fights in the kitchen - power struggles - and general silliness as well. I'd make the name cards, which I always hated doing. Since I've been a vegetarian for a long time, I'd eat mashed potatoes, peas, and cranberry sauce and that's basically it.

10. What is the most liberating thing you've ever done? And why?

Tie between moving to Australia by myself and quitting my job a few years ago.


  1. I don't mind doing the laundry but I HATE folding it so if I do yours will you fold mine?!?

  2. MY answer to #10 is that I shaved my head for charity once and for some reason it felt incredibly liberating. I will answer all of these in a blog post of mine soon my friend and i shall link back to yours. May not be til' December though, as my next four are already written.

  3. p.s. I didn't mean to write "my" in caps above. Re-reading it it sounds pretentious with the caps LOL

  4. Thank you so much for the nomination. I don't usually participate fully in these tagged posts because I'm lazy and don't want to follow all of the rules that go along with it. BUT, I did enjoy your questions so I am answering them in my post today!
    I loved your question about what bloggers would you invite to an imaginary dinner! Great question and so fun to answer.

  5. I want to throw a REAL blogger dinner party! That would be awesome!

  6. I want to come to a blogger dinner party!

  7. I did not realize that you moved to Australia BY YOURSELF! That is amazing!