Saturday, November 16, 2013

NaBloPoMo day 16: Photos!

Our garden is currently going gangbusters. It's so amazing how much we're growing in such a small amount of space. Here is our cherry tomato plant.

Our lemon tree.

The mint! Which I just a few days ago cut right back (this is it pre-trim) and is already coming back strong. (There is some home made mint ice cream in our lives. And it is delightful)

This is our whole planter box: Green beans in the front (we just had to install some chicken wire from them to climb up!), parsley and basil, a capsicum plant, and two tomato place.

Post-acupuncture selfie. I'm very impressionable.

Pre-acupuncture hot chocolate. A very pretty hot chocolate, but sadly not a super TASTY hot chocolate.


  1. The hot chocolate LOOKS supertasty. Evil, deceptive hot chocolate.

  2. The hot chocolate LOOKS supertasty. Evil, deceptive hot chocolate.

  3. Well done on the garden! The joy and pleasure of watching them grow and bear fruits.

  4. Garden envy right here. I LOVE fresh mint :)

    Could you do a post on acupuncture and what you think of it? (if you haven't already done so...too lazy to search the archives lol)

    1. Sure thing...I think Jayne wanted to know some more information about the cranial osteo I'm seeing, so maybe I'll do a health care post :)

  5. Goodness gracious that hot chocolate just made my heart skip a beat. I think I'm in love.

  6. I make mint infused simple syrup, it keeps in the fridge for quite a while, and use it in cocktails, to sweeten iced tea, sorbet and sometimes as a glaze.

  7. Deidre....
    Wow, what a garden!! You reside in Australia. Correct? It is nearly Winter here in America. But for you? Summer has begun!! Enjoy it!! ;)

  8. Your garden is fantastic! Way to go =)