Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Do you speaka my language?

You'd think after living in Australia for seven years I would have heard all the Australianisms at least one. But the other day I was reading aloud to Inspector Climate from a book I got him from Christmas. The Gourmet Chef by Matthew Evans (I highly recommend it), and I was reminded of an Australian phrase that I hadn't heard for a while and read one that I'd never heard before at all.

"Playing tennis against David Ferrer looks like hard yakka" - I tried another sentence of using hard yakka (hard work) and Inspector told me I used it wrong. Apparently it has nuances that my simpleton American brain cannot possibly understand.

I've heard people say this in everyday conversation.

But this one I've never heard before. When asked how to use this in a sentence this is what Inspector Climate said "If you want to say something to someone you get on the blower and tell them." And by get on the blower, I mean pick up the phone. Obviously.

Have you heard these Australianisms?


  1. My guess is you will NEVER run out of these!

  2. my friend who lives in Australia says "hey" at the end of a lot of his sentences. "that's a nice coat, hey!". then i said: YOU ARE CANADIAN. WHY ARE YOU CONFUSING ME WITH YOUR TALK? hahah

    Vodka and Soda

    1. They also use "hey" as "what", lC says it when I say something and he doesn't hear me. I used to go "um, Hi" but you know that changed fairly quickly.

  3. The blower?! Please do share more as you come across them

  4. I wonder how long it takes to learn all the slang phrases of another culture? I have always wondered if slang is common in all cultures/languages.

  5. Get on the blower.. is a good one. What are Australians like!? Friendly, crazy like they are portrayed on t.v.... rustic, etc. ?? I've always wondered. My sister's old school friend just moved to Australia with her entire family this year. She's enjoying it, so far.

  6. I love hearing about the different Sayings from different cultures!


    XO Lourdes

  7. I want to hear more! I don't know many Australianisms beyond the stereotypical ones.

  8. "Yakka" reminds me of Fozzie Bear from The Muppets. Waka waka waka!

  9. Deidre....
    "Have you heard these Australianisms?". Nope!! ;)

  10. Even CA has a few of their own sayings so I get this lol