Friday, January 17, 2014

Questions I don't know how to answer

I survived my first week of work. I was exhausted and peopled out by Friday, but it was doable and it wasn't quite as taxing as I thought it would be. That's for several reasons, things haven't fully sorted themselves out at work and so it was also a fairly quiet week in terms of the Workplace's activities.

It kind of feels like that whole year of unemployment didn't exist at all. I stopped working January 2013, and have started working again in January 2014. January is January right? Who cares about all those months in between?

Whenever I go somewhere new and I meet new people I always get asked where I'm from. I never know how to answer this question without looking like a total moron. When meeting new people at work do they mean where have I worked previously? Do they mean what country I'm from? Or did they mean what state am I'm from because it's so obvious I'm from the US? I never know and I always sound like an idiot trying to clarify what they mean. Or I say a whole ramble of things "I used to work at ___, I'm from the US and I grew up in New Hampshire. Sorry I'm oversharing I just thought I'd answer every variation of this question..."

The other most dreaded question of all is "what did you get up to this weekend?" it makes me so uncomfortable. Because the answer is usually nothing. By nothing I mean exactly what I wanted to get up to over the weekend which is cuddling with my husband, cleaning and cooking, and recharging to getting ready for the work week. But no one wants to hear "I cleaned my bathroom" and while it seems socially acceptable to have one of these weekends every few weeks, this is my weekend every time. Or maybe I'm just projecting because I think I should be having more exciting weekends and yet, I'm actually really just happy chilling at home.

So you know - What are you doing this weekend?


  1. I know what you mean. I have had this whole week off, and have done nothing. I have been recharging, doing a little cleaning, a little laundry and a whole lot off useless daytime TV and crocheting, and it's been a wonderful week:)

  2. I think answering every variation of the question is a safe way to go :)

  3. Ahaha! That's my dreaded questions as well (what did you do this weekend/holiday, etc.), because it does seem, at some point, I should have thrilling news to convey--the pressure! Of course, about the time I do something crazy and completely out of character, that will be the week no one asks. :)

  4. when people ask where are you from, i just say "canada". they can ask more specifics if they want to know more. for "what did you do this weekend?" i say "not much. the usual" and leave it as that.

    hmm...maybe that's why people dont talk to me anymore? ok scratch all of this; listen to someone else LOL

    Vodka and Soda

  5. I think most times, these types of questions are just conversation fillers - like asking about the weather etc. - something to say for the sake of saying something.

  6. I think it's socially acceptable to do absolutely nothing every weekend -- people who claim to rarely have those weekends are lying.

  7. I get the question "where are you from?" a ton and then always have to explain myself when I say Texas... and I know exactly what you mean about the weekend question. Sometimes I feel like I should say something shocking just for giggles

  8. What did you do this weekend is like how are you. No one really cares for the most part, but like you it, used to make me think about why aren't I doing special things on my days off. Well mostly because special for me is sitting and reading a book or staring out a window.

  9. Haha, our weekends are similar and so not exciting to other people! But I love nothing more than staying in and accomplishing things around the apartment!

  10. Deidre....
    Dreaded questions are difficult to both hear and answer. This I know all too well. Like, when I just graduated from Home School. "What are you going to do with your life?". Honestly? I hadn't a clue!! I just bleepin' graduated!! Or if you fast forward. To several years later. When people learn that I am a children's writer. "Have you ever thought about getting published?". Why yes, yes I have. ;)
    "By nothing I mean exactly what I wanted to get up to over the weekend which is cuddling with my husband, cleaning and cooking, and recharging to getting ready for the work week.". There is absolutely nothing wrong with that!! It could be your answer!! ;-D
    "So you know - What are you doing this weekend?". Well.... My weekend has come and gone. But I did turn the "big 3-0" on Saturday!! ;)

  11. Yay for work! You'll get back in the swing of it!