Monday, January 13, 2014

Some things just stick.

There are some things that people say to you that just stay with you, you know?

For example, the first time Inspector Climate came to my house for dinner and movie. We were sitting on the couch and he was squeezing my calf muscles. In my mind, I thought he was thinking that I had super fat legs because ONE time my mom told me a I have extra wide calfs.

What he was really thinking? "Wow, her calf muscles are so loose, I've never felt anyone's calfs who are so loose" (to put THAT in perspective before Inspector Climate was into climate he was a Physical Therapist. So he has a lots of experience massaging people's calfs) (as an aside, calfs? calves? I've written both so many times they look wrong).

When I was really young a child hood friend told me that the reason I say "Oh my God" was because I'm half Jewish and Jewish people just don't know any better. So I just thought all Jews were potty mouths.

Another childhood friend told me that I had fat fingers and am big boned. And for a long time I believed her.

People used to tell me that I have pretty hair, and you know what they still do. So I'm going to believe that one.

What random comments have people said to you off the cuff that they probably didn't mean quite like they sounded?


  1. I really enjoyed this post - I can remember I was pestering my nan one day to say that she loved me more than my younger sister (dont ask me why) and she eventually said I love you the same but I have loved you for longer - I of course took that as loving me more and ran off to tell my sister, such a little pest haha.

  2. This used to happen to me a lot when I was younger - I internalized a lot of comments from people that were not meant that way. But if you saw a middle-school picture of me you'd quickly realize why LOL

  3. Let's see . . . I once had a friend tell a guy that the reason I look like I do is because I'm a writer. :) Good times, good times . . .

  4. my mom has the best of these. but she would straight up say: you're getting fat! or you're too skinny! LOL

    Vodka and Soda

  5. Deidre....
    "What random comments have people said to you off the cuff that they probably didn't mean quite like they sounded?". Uh.... I'm afraid that with my lack of impulse control--which has lessened over the years--I have made several hundred random comments off the cuff that I know I didn't mean quite like it sounded!! Heh. Heh. Heh. ;)

  6. Having met you in real life I am stunned that anyone could describe you as "wide calved" or "big boned." Not that there's anything wrong with wide calves or big bones, but you are not that. (You're a little fairy sprite, and that's all there is to it.)

  7. People often ask me if my nose is broken. I have a bump on my nose that's always been there. When I'm cold or at different times of the year, I get a purple or blue line that goes across the bump.. looks like a faint bruise. It always bothers me when people ask about it because they are never very nice about it.
    "Oh my God" isn't something you say because you're half Jewish! It's a saying.. The priest at the Catholic Church said it during the holidays.. I think it's something that used to be frowned upon, but isn't as much anymore.. like sex before marriage. Or babies before marriage nowadays!

  8. I had a beautiful man once tell me I would be date material if my legs were longer... so I found an even taller, prettier man to date.
    I've had someone who made no secret of hating me, and when I confronted her on it ... she claimed it was because I "smiled too much".
    There was also a lady in my church when I was a teenager who spread vicious rumors about me, for years. I cornered her and addressed the issue.... seems my hips are too noticeable, and what kind of girl grows a chest like that? -!
    Now I have a horrible lady who has all but driven my daughter over the edge.. why? Because its not fair I should have such a beautiful daughter ... who won't date her son. I mean, do we think we're better than them? -!!

    As far as I can tell, people come up with all sorts of silly things that can hurt, brand, and stick with us all our lives. The thing is; I've always loved that this world is full of people with so many different features, and sizes, and personalities. I. Love. It.
    And it makes you ponder the possibility that perhaps they aren't really commenting on you and your "flaws" so much as they are coveting them, or perhaps being reminded of their own insecurities.
    We are each of us beautiful in our imperfection.

  9. I went to Thanksgiving freshman year of high school and one of my aunts mentioned that I sure had "put on the freshman 15." I weight about 115 pounds at the time.

  10. In high school I was helping out a friend at a car wash event and someone else working with us said, "Oh hey, you're the girl that has the same lunch hour as me. I recognize your laugh! It's so loud and unique." To this day I am super self conscious about my laugh.

  11. haha! that is hilarious. love hearing different perspectives on something later! XO

  12. That I look pretty when I smile. So when I'm not smiling, I must be a TOTAL beast!

    You do have great hair! And I doubt that you have fat

  13. I agree, you DO have really pretty hair. My cousin told me that I had fat toes when I was younger and it's stayed with me ever since. Blergh, no wonder I hate feet

  14. Oh geez. I can't think of any right now but am sure that there are so many! My friends used to call me bony butt, but that was has definitely been disproved by now and they certainly meant it when they said it. It is so funny how things stick with you. It's just like Declan's post today-- it's hard to tell what will tough out the time!

  15. Someone told me I had sturdy ankles so I took that as big fat ankles to weight me down.