Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The story of a muffin

Most days I two things happen.

On my way home:
1. I walk to the tram stop with a coworker where he picks up a free muffin from a coffee shop who gives muffins away at the end of the day.
2. At the train station, I see a homeless man sitting with a sign asking for money.

Every day I think, why didn't I grab him a muffin?

Well, last week I mentioned this to the coworker, and he decided that there was no time like the present to do a good deed, so when we walked to the tram stop, I grabbed a muffin for the homeless man.

I waited by the tram stop for a while, but there was a tram problem further up the line and some lovely girls shared with me that the tram would NOT be coming for quite some time.

So holding this muffin (that I could not eat, and smelled DIVINE by the way), I walked two blocks to a different tram line, but one that dropped me off about a 5 minute walk from my homeless man. Not deterred: I trammed, I walked, and lo the homeless man was no where to be found.

Inspector Climate was out of town, so I couldn't bring him the gift of Muffin. Instead, I decided I'd just give it to the first person who I felt like would appreciate a 'stranger muffin' (for the record, I would NOT appreciate a Stranger Muffin). So I carried the muffin into the train station, down the escalators, and on to the train. A man moved to make room for me to sit down next to him and I thought "This is it!"

"Would you like a muffin?"

"Um, normally I would love a muffin, but I'm a diet"

You can only imagine how much my heart sank at the moment.

"...why do you have to get rid of the muffin?"

"I got it for a homeless man I see every day at the station, but he wasn't there today, and I'm allergic to the muffin"

"Oh, that's so nice, ok. I'll take the muffin and find it a good home..."

And then just like that we were talking about how awesome West Wing is and how Aaron Sorkin is one helluva a screen writer.


  1. That is indeed, the story of a muffin. I can imagine you holding it like a sort of offering the entire time you're walking around

  2. how sweet of you to do that :) my friend did that once and the homeless man got mad, threw it back at her and yelled at her to go away!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  3. Aww.. I like this Muffin Tale. Instead of giving the homeless man the muffin, you made a friend.

  4. What a great feed, too bad he wasn't there, but I love how the story turned out:)

  5. How sweet of you to grab him a muffin and how this muffin made you connect with this stranger! Lovely story xxx

  6. :) my favourite muffin story.

  7. I love this. I think that it is amazing of you to get that muffin for that homeless man!

    Xo Lourdes

  8. This is, without a doubt, the best story about a muffin that I have ever heard, or are ever likely to hear.

  9. This is a lovely story D. I know all about being allergic to muffins (and gluten in general - sucks!)

  10. This made me laugh. Thanks. :)

    Is it wrong that the message I took away is that carrying a muffin around is a good conversation opener?

  11. Deidre....
    "I decided I'd just give it to the first person who I felt like would appreciate a 'stranger muffin' (for the record, I would NOT appreciate a Stranger Muffin).". Good girl. "Stranger muffins" could be poisonous!! ;)
    Great story, Friend!! ;-D

  12. You inspired me to buy a homeless man tea and a cookie yesterday. :)

  13. HA! I love this story. I probably wouldn't like a stranger muffin, either, but I love that you didn't just trash it. I hope it found a good home. I hate when you try to do a good deed for someone, but then your recipient is nowhere to be found (because, yes, that's happened to me before, as well)!

  14. Say, I like that story of a muffin--especially the ending!

  15. Aw, I hope it found a good home! And it probably really brightened someone's day!

  16. I really love this story. Stranger muffin! Brilliant.

  17. I love this story...what a great post!

  18. This story made me smile! And ps West Wing is one of the BEST shows ever.