Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What's happening here?

So, it's been two weeks since my last blog post, which aside from when I've been travelling is probably the longest I've ever gone without posting. I'd like to say that I had some incredibly important reason for being away, but I don't.

I can't even really blame working full time because honestly I'm much less stressed when I'm NOT at work than I was at my previous job. Which means that I actually feel like I'm working less even though I'm working more. Although how do people go to the post office when they work full time?

The truth is while I still love blogging and I love the community and blah blah blah, but it has become less of a priority for me these days. Maybe it's because for the first time in a long time I've been fairly happy (thanks to two amazing health practitioners, I finally feel like myself after about 2.5 years). I've always maintained that blogging should be about the blogger first, that if I didn't feel like I had anything to say I shouldn't force myself to write (unless it's NaBloPoMo...clearly). So that's where I've been, not writing. However, I have been jotting down ideas in my daily planner about things I should blog about.

This is one of those things. With technology comes new ways to embarrass one's self. My personal favourite way to do so is via texting the wrong person because as it turns out my eyes are not capable of clicking the what I'm looking at via blinking (who knew?).

So, If we ever text each other, chances are you'll receive a text from me at least once which I meant to go to Inspector Climate. It will continue one of these phrases: I love you, I miss you, or hey you! I mean chances are I do love you. But I generally don't just use those words with casual friendships. Boundaries people, boundaries.


  1. I've also been more sporadic in my writing beause. Life.

  2. Let's be honest: I've received much worse text messages that were intended for friends' significant others. Including a very confusing one reminding "me" about a dental appointment.......

  3. Deidre....
    Welcome back, Friend!! I myself just returned to Blogging after disappearing for one entire week!! Yikes!! But I have a four day-long Winter Blast to thank for my absence, at least!! ;)
    PS. Do not abandon this Blog entirely!! Please!! I will miss you!! And I am not afraid to express that in comments!! Trust me!! ;-D

  4. Yay for being happy.

    I go to the post office during lunch break, which is not super fun since everyone else is there at that time too. But they're also open Saturdays. Doctors' appointments can be a hassle when you're working full-time. Actually, for me one of the greatest luxuries of having a weekday off is going to a museum because there are less people. It's one of those things that you can do on the weekend, but I dread long lines for anything.

  5. I haven't been a very regular blogger lately either. I've been writing about a recent trip which is taking longer than the trip itself. It's been too hot and I've been too tired and editing and posting all those photos takes so long.

    I'm fortunate that I work smack-bang in the centre of the CBD so I have pretty much everything at the door to my building. They have moved the post office to the other end of the block though. Hmmpf.

    I'm glad you're feeling much less stressed when you aren't at work. Yay.

  6. Bahahaha... It's the worst when I send a text meant for Colon to someone else. One time I sent "I love you baby" to my dad. AWKWARD :)

    Also... if you aren't feeling blogging at the moment, then take the time you need! I understand. although I do miss your blog presence :)

    XO Lourdes

  7. Hey I don't blame you for being MIA. I haven't been totally into commenting on blog posts lately. I find I'm reaching for things to comment about and to just NOT comment- which isn't my style. Blogging funks do go away though.

  8. Generally, I have noticed I blog less, since there are more platforms to express yourself, ie, Facebook and Twitter... I do miss my dedication to my blog though. And let me not forget how busy work keeps me!

  9. When I got back into blogging about a year ago I made the simple rule that I would only blog when I felt like it. (Except for nablopomo) No schedule to meet. Of course it helps that only like 12 people read my blog so there is no pressure :)

  10. Ugh I hate when I accidentally text the wrong person, it can be so embarrassing!

  11. Life is a good reason to take a break from blogging! And besides... it's summer there. Enjoy it while you've got it!

  12. Don't pressure yourself to blog - it should be a pleasurable activity! I just blog whenever I want even if it's only once a month and I'm ok with that. You need to take the time to adjust to your new job anyways.

  13. I totally feel you on the blogging break - I think at some point all bloggers need that random break. When I first began my blog, I forced myself to post 5 times a week, and spent a lot of needless energy ensuring that it happened. When I cut myself a break and began blogging just 2-3 times per week, I was able to appreciate the process more. And yeah, I'm guilty of taking at least 3 unannounced and unplanned blogging breaks last year alone. Sometimes these things just need to happen.
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  14. I agree . . . it's good to take a break every now and again! As for sending a message to the wrong person--the worst was an email I accidentally sent to the friend of an ex-boyfriend (to this day I have no clue how it happened). It was supposed to go to a friend whom is practically family. So I signed it, "Love you profusely." Needless to say, an awkward conversation followed . . . :)

  15. Blogging became less of a priority for me a few months ago, and I still don't feel ready to get back to it. I guess the older I get, the more I was my life to be private. I'll still link up all my articles on my blog, but I'm not sure when/if I'll post there again. But, I'll always have it to look back on and remember how much my life had changed in those 8 years...

    Glad to hear you are enjoying the new job :)