Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tasmania Day 2: Bruny Island (and that means one thing. Cheese!)

After our dinner in Cygnet, we went back to bed and breakfast to get a good night's sleep for adventure the next day: Bruny Island. Bruny Island is a long fairly skinny island off the south east edge of Tasmania. And it is most well known to me because it has a cheese maker who makes delicious cheese with raw milk.

After taking the ferry across, our first stop was the Bruny Island Cheese factory. Inspector Climate had given me a gift certificate to the factory for Christmas because he knows that I talk big talk, but when faced with actually spending my hard earned money, I usually wimp out and walk out of stores empty handed.

Not this time! We ordered a picnic lunch of a cheese platter for two. Which we planned to eat on the beach in the south part of Bruny Island. It's fair to say that the Bruny Island Cheese Company got me. "Cheese makes me happy" - so true, friends.

Then we we made our way south. The south and north parts of Bruny Island are connected by a skinny slip of land which I believe is called the isthmus. Which, frankly, is just fun to say! Isthmus! Almost immediately as we pulled up to the look out to get a view of the isthmus it started pouring rain.

It's still a pretty remarkable little strip of land though, eh? We got back into the car, and drove down to Adventure Bay where we planned on having a picnic lunch - which we did, oh so cozily in the car due to the rain.

As we were finishing up, the rain cleared and we went on a short walk. Once we made it on to the beach, I saw this little guy!

I'm not sure who was more surprised, me or him/her! I was not expected the wallaby to hanging out on the beach. But seriously, how cute?

People also built these towering rock sculptures along the beach as well, which I think are very cool!

A trip to Tasmania is not complete without my favourite road sign. I love that it looks like the kangaroo has just lifted the car up and thrown it back down on the ground - so hard that lightening has come down from the roof.

Then it was time to head back to Hobart to catch our flight home. We stopped at Mount Wellington to catch glimpse of Hobart. But the top of the mountain was covered in fog and rain. So we actually could only get about half way up to catch a glimpse of the magnificent view.

So what do you think would've been your favourite stop?


  1. That cheese platter looks stunning! I want one!

    Clearly, I must add Bruny Island to the list of places to visit when I go back to Tassie.

  2. I giggled non-stop for over a week thanks to those kangaroo-flipping-car signs. They're one of my favourite things about Tasmania. That cheese looks pretty amazing too!

  3. I love all the nature but seriously, the cheese. The cheese for sure :)

  4. Deidre....
    "cheese makes me happy"!! I love that!! ;)

  5. I love those rock sculptures. I know in hiking they are called cairns!

    Xo Lourdes

  6. I want that kangaroo sign, it makes me laugh!

  7. Love that the box says, "chesse makes me happy." Those are such true words! So cool that you saw a wallaby!

  8. Cheese, naturally! Followed by the wallaby and road sign . . . :)

  9. Cheese, naturally! Followed by the wallaby and road sign . . . :)

    PS-If this comment shows up more than once, profuse apologies. I seem to be having technical issues--apparently, it's too early to be leaving comments. Sigh.

  10. The cheese platter picnic box with the view are perfect combo.