Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Top 10 things I didn't write about from 2014

One of my favourite things about blogging is that I get to look back of over (gulp) 10 years of my life and see what I was up to, what I was feeling. Just reading a post can instantly bring me back to that time and place.

But, of course I haven't written a blog post in a long time and thus - I have no evidence of the adventures that 2014 brought along.

Here are the top 10 highlights from 2014 that I haven't written about before (obviously, the dingo puppies and becoming a permanent resident were BIG highlights).

These are in no particular order:

1. I'm a yoga teacher now! I graduated in November and have been teaching two classes a week at my work place. I really enjoy teaching, but am glad I'm not doing more than two classes a week, I think I'd get bored. Before every class while I wait for my "students" (I feel like a tool just saying it!) to arrive, I wonder "what am I doing. I don't know anything about yoga - this is a terrible mistake!" And then they arrive and I open my mouth and before I know it an hour has gone by and it's time for savasana and class is over.

2. I visited a new country! I went back to the US this year to visit my parents and grandmother. And the timing worked out just perfectly to meet my brother in the Cook Islands on our flight back to Australia (strangely, it was cheaper to fly back via the Cook Islands than to fly directly back to Australia). My favourite thing about the Cook Islands was there were dogs and cats just everywhere. Normally, this is not my favourite thing in strange places. But these dogs were kind of domesticated. They happily followed us down to the beach and would sit with us for a while before finding a new family to spend some time with.

We particularly made friends with a dog who we dubbed 'brown-y black-y' (original, yes?), as you'd imagine she had brown and black fur. Our resort had a friendly cat who every morning was sunbathing by the pool.

3. I went to Once! One of the most amazing things that blogging has done for me is let me meet new people and hop on opportunities. So when Nuffnang (thanks Nuffnang!) asked if I wanted to go see the opening night of Once the musical I LEAPT at the chance. If you haven't seen the movie Once – do The music is stupendous and the movie is wonderful. And the musical – fantastic! Inspector Climate and I had the best time. This also coincided with that time I got my hair straightened – It's odd and blurry. You've been warned.

4. I read books. A lot of books. I read books from my "Life List" such as:

The House of Spirits by Isabelle Allende
Bastard Out of Carolina by Dorothy Allison
Time's Arrow by Martin Amis (Highly recommend this one!)
Bullet Park by John Cheever
A Summer Birdcage by Margaret Drabble (loved it!)
One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (Amazing)

I also read a lot of YA books which has been really fun. Perhaps the books I loved the most were Lev Grossman's trilogy The Magicians - so good! Particularly the third one.

5. For my birthday, Inspector Climate gave me a voucher for a fermentation cooking class. It was fascinating learning about all the things one can ferment and now I help Inspector Climate make his own kumbucha. The unfortunate thing is that I cannot seem to handle fermented foods – I don't want to go into too much, but my stomach gets very sad. Anyway, I enjoyed the class a lot but came out of it so angry with the instructors, they basically said that if one's stomach can't handle fermented foods the only way to fix it would be to eat beef marrow stew – which for this vegetarian is NEVER going to happen.

6. I cooked a lot! I mastered gluten free pastry (well, I mastered it at least once) which can be showcased here with a pumpkin gallette from the Smitten Kitchen cookbook:

7. I embraced silly yoga pants. Why yes, those do have stars on them. Inspector Climate decided that when I graduated from yoga school that he wanted me to be known as the teacher with the most awesome pants. These are Dharma Bums – I can't recommend them enough. They're made in Australia and all the prints are funky and fantastic. This is not sponsored, but I'm open to it.

8. I learned how to crochet! One of Inspector Climate's best friends is having a baby and I decided I was going to crochet an owl for it – seems like the most obvious baby gift amirite? Look at those feet!

9. My nephew honoured me with his flat stanley project: he drew a picture of himself and sent it to me. So I took Flat Nephew all around Melbourne showing him the sites. I wrote a story to go with it and then mailed Flat Nephew back to my nephew in the US. Some of the highlights were the huge lego statues in Myer, taking Flat Nephew to yoga with me, and catching the view from Brighton of Melbourne.

10. Work. I work a lot and I still love my job. I was promoted in the middle of 2014 some where and was made a permanent staff member which basically means I'm not on a contract anymore. This is...well, a giant relief. It just feels...Good. Real good.


  1. Your flat nephew is extremely adorable and I love that project so much. Looks like you've been up to a lot of fun :)

  2. Those yoga pants are awesome!!! That is all.

  3. flat nephew is adorable! as are those pants!

  4. Love that Melbourne skyline :) I'm dyinggg to see Once!!!

  5. WOW D, it's been a heck of a year... I know I haven't blogged much either but it's been so good catching up with what you've been up to for the last few months. Wishing you a blessed 2015!

  6. Congrats on teaching -- so cool! And the pants have to earn you some bonus points.

    I like the straightened hair look too!

    I've found I can't handle ferments either, which makes me so sad. I'm hoping once I treat a couple of health issues (that have left me intolerant) I'll be able to reintroduce them. I miss kombucha and was getting into a locally made sauerkraut. I'm no doctor or fermentation expert, but I can't imagine the only way you'd be able to have it again is through consuming bone broth (or marrow included if that was what was said) for a while.

    Here's to more adventures in 2015!

  7. Yay! It sounds like you have been doing great! I think the straight hair looks great! I also love that you took your flat nephew around... very cute!