Thursday, May 21, 2015

Let's keep this Strictly Ballroom

Over the past weekend, I had the absolute pleasure of being given ticket to see Strictly Ballroom: the Musical by Nuffnang (thank you Nuffnang!).

I have always loved Strictly Ballroom the movie. I remember watching it as a kid and just wishing I could dance like that (listen to the rhythm), that I would meet some cute Australian who would sweep me off my feet (Oh, hey, wait a minute...).

Well, that last part is true, but only when I realised that they were Australian. It just never occurred to me, I just figured they were from some other part of the US that talked a bit funny compared to me. Whoops.

Anyway, like the truly terrible blogger I've become I didn't take a single picture of the theatre (which was dazzling-ly sparkly as one would imagine) or of Inspector Climate and me dressed up for a rare night out on the town (I wore make up ya'll!).

But the show was so much fun! The singing, the dancing, the enthusiasm – I came home tapping my feet and singing 'Time after Time' – as you do.

Anyway, if you're in Melbourne and get a chance to see Strictly Ballroom, do it!


  1. I'm looking at the Queen's Theatre as we speak! We watched from our lounge room window the night it opened. So many lights and red carpets!! Glad you enjoyed it. Such a fun movie, so I can imagine the musical would be even better!