Monday, June 08, 2015

My love for Tassie grows

I had to go to Tasmania for work last week, and coincidentally so did Inspector Climate (which by the way, I used to blog so much that sometimes I would almost introduced Inspector Climate as his pseudonym to people in the real world. Now I can barely type it). We decided to make a little weekend away, we spent one night in Hobart and then headed to Dover. 

I asked some colleagues at work where we should go out to eat and they suggested Ethos Eat Drink – you was delicious. What I didn't realise was that it was a set menu, six course meal, for $90 per person, which seemed a bit steep until they said that a. they could 100% cater for this gluten free vegetarian and b. all the food is locally sourced and they change their menu as to what they have available on a daily basis. I was in. It was divine. I did have one brief moment of panic when the first course they brought out was a single potato chip per person.

The next day we drove south to Hastings Caves – unfortunately due to my poor photography skills none of the photos do the cave the justice it deserves. I often feel like this when I travel, that I just want Kyle Hepp with me all the time. Not only so that she can teach me how to take stunning photographs as we go, but also because I can only imagine she is divine travel companion. Anyway, the cave is massive and the stalactites and stalagmites are simple beautiful.

Descending into the cave feels like entering Middle Earth with otherworldly creatures just around the bend.

We stayed at a delightful (seriously, Beryl was just so lovely) not-quite-bed-and-breakfast called Thelma Retreat. It was the off season while we were there, but normally there is a tea house where they mill their own flour (read as perhaps my version of hell) and serve morning and afternoon tea. She did bring us some homemade gluten free scones and some home-milled flour muffins upon our arrival. Delish!

The next day, we drove to Cockle Creek and did the walk to the southern most of Australia.  It's about 4 hours round trip. We had just been talking about how we hadn't really seen any wildlife, just a few birds, when we came across Mr. Pademelon. So cute!

Stop being so cute!

The wind was hollowing by the time we reached the southern most tip (where, it turns out, one is closer to Antarctica from that point that s/he is to Cairns which is pretty crazy! Australia is a very big place). We have all the fashion sense in the world.

We packed so many warm clothes for this walk: fleece, down jackets, rain gear, extra pairs of socks, hats and fingerless gloves and we actually got too hot. Like, way too hot.

I even practiced my left-side-of-road driving skills – I don't know if everyone is as afraid as I am of driving on the other side of the road (I'd imagine not), but I still cringe when a car is coming the other way. You'd think I'd be used to that by now!

It was so nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of The Everyday. I read books and we watched Mad Men (we're only just starting to watch - a bit behind the times, per usual). While we were away, we were talking about how we use my blog as our memory bank of all the trips we've taken and all the fun adventures we've had, so after landing back in Melbourne this morning I promised myself I'd make sure I posted this right smart.


  1. A single potato chip per person! Ha! Reminds me of a 'dessert' I had in Japan that was just one strawberry. I laughed. And then I was the crazy American lady in the restaurant. Good times.

  2. I've been a passenger in left-side driving countries but I haven't driven. Just being a passenger scares the bejezus out of me. I think I'd end up sitting in the car and rocking like Rainman if I tried to drive. More power to ya for trying!