Sunday, October 18, 2015

For some reason, I thought this would be more fun.

[Wow, so this post turned into a bit of an epic tale. Apologies. Enjoy with a biccy and cuppa]

So Inspector Climate and I took our first trip to Tassie a few weeks ago to look at houses to purchase.

Yes, to purchase. We're done with renting. I want to be able to drill holes in the wall and paint things and rip up carpeting and have animals. I'm ready to be done with renting. Of course, whether we find our home quickly enough that we don't have to start off when we renting is another question. One I'm not fond of entertaining.

Anyway, we went to Tasmania to look for homes.

Have you ever seen the TV show Escape to the Country? It's a British TV show where urban couples/families are ready to move to the country and a real estate agent shows them a few properties that fit their requirements and one property that is the 'mystery house' – to expand their minds.

Well, we have been treating our real estate adventure like a series of Escape to the Country Tasmania.

We picked seven (yes, SEVEN) houses to go visit while we down there for two days. And the first three were – well they needed a lot of renovations – like a lot. Not just re-doing the kitchen but re-doing all the bedrooms, bathroom.  One of the houses the only part we liked as is was the hallway. We were feeling... discouraged.

The fourth property we saw had been our favourite from the beginning. And we found it overwhelming and intimidating. It still needed renovations – but the outside, which is what we had initially loved, had more than 30 fruit trees. That took it from being a cute hobby farm to being an orchard that would require A LOT of attention. Like a A LOT. My mom has 15 fruit trees and it takes up most of her time during harvesting season. Let alone all the pruning, thinning, and the rest.

And then a real estate agent suggested a mystery house. A MYSTERY HOUSE. It wasn't on the website yet, but the owner agreed to let us see it early.

It was... beautiful. It was a small house, with a decent number of fruit trees (although the real estate agent didn't know which ones) – turns out: a huge lemon tree dripping with lemons, cherry and apple! – it had wood floors and a beautiful kitchen. The house was bright and light. It was what we hadn't known we wanted in the first place.

We had one more day in Tasmania, we were seeing some houses in Hobart (which isn't where we want to end up) and then we asked the real estate agent if the Mystery House owner would give us a tour of the gardens. And we fell more and more in love with the place. Inspector Climate left convinced this was it, and I just needed to agonise over the decision for a bit more.

It took me over an hour to convince myself (with Inspector Climate's help) that spending $75 on a bag that I actually really needed was an ok purchase – I don't spend money well.

Anyway, we left Tasmania and the next morning we decided to make an offer. Inspector Climate decided to do a bit more research and in this dug up that the house can't be connected to anything faster than dial up internet. I mean, it could get mobile internet but it would be horrendously expensive and slow for us and we'd never be able to work from home or skype easily. We were devastated.

I felt... grief. We lost something we never really had in the first place. It was devastating. And for weeks there was nothing else on the market we even liked. The Mystery House kept coming up on our searches of the area – looking all perfect and beautiful – and we just had to scroll on by.

We're going back down next weekend and finally there are few more promising properties to look at.

Next time on Escape to Tasmania tune in to see if Decoybetty and Inspector find their dream home.


  1. I really know of that feeling. I was looking at a place with gorgeous interiors... only to find out its location really wasn't all that great.

    7% Solution

    1. It's so disappointing. And internet! who would have thought this would be a problem? I feel like it would be easier to stomach if it was something like... a faulty foundation or some other physical thing...

  2. Wretched luck, that. Especially when it's constantly staring you in the face on searches. Sigh.

    Luckily, I've heard this story before . . . and it tends to end quite happily, with a place even more perfect than the first. So hang in there, brave pilgrims! :)

  3. Blergh that totally sucks. It's funny how the actual home buying process turns something that's supposed to be really exciting into something emotionally gut-wrenching