Saturday, December 19, 2015

Even lemon trees move on to more brighter futures

Our inter-state move is fast approaching and while many people seem to be feeling the stress of Christmas and the holiday season, it is the impending move that gets my heart a flutter with nerves and page long to-do lists.

Our house saga continues (and if just ONE of you says "the right one will come along and you'll wonder why you stressed about it in the first place" or "It will all work out just fine" then you clearly don't know me at all!). We went down a couple of weeks ago to look at a bunch more, and while we were there we took an internet dongle to test the mobile internet at the Mystery House (you know... just in case). And, it was fine. We sketchily skyped my parents from a rental car across the street from the house and it worked great. We opened multiple google docs. We called the real estate agent and were like 'is it still on the market' (because they NEVER UPDATE THE WEBSITE) and he was all 'uh, sorry it just went under offer.

Luckily I was sitting on the floor cuddling someone else's dog when Inspector Climate broke me the news, and took it fairly well.

The weekend after, we were getting ready to tick one more thing off our list, buying a car – when did we become such grown ups? And so in preparation, I started calling friends and asking if they'd like our fruit trees which currently sit in our car park. On Tuesday, we bought a car (tick!) (A VW Golf, if any one would like to know – the second we sat in it, I was like 'and his name is Henri' and Inspector Climate rolled his eyes: cars don't need names, and it's a German car not a French car. Ya'll, the car spoke to me and told me his name was Henri. Who am I to argue with that?).

On Wednesday, the Mystery House real estate called us and said that the offer that is on the house may fall through and if we can move quickly that we might be able to buy it. Immediately I got sick to my stomach, the butterflies rising all the way up chest and into my throat. A car AND a house in one week – praise moses. The owner loves us, we are the type of people she wanted to sell the house to, and the people with the offer currently, were not her people.

On Thursday, the house sold, and not to us. I don't really understand why (the real estate couldn't tell us specifics), but the other people were able to magically jump some hoops and fulfil whatever they needed to do. And I cried.

On Friday, my friend C stopped by and we repotted the Lemon Tree and I gave it to her – sitting up in her car with the top branches sticking out the top of the sun roof, catching the breeze – the Lemon Tree found a new home. The lemon tree is the first living thing (first thing really at all) that Inspector Climate and I got together. We didn't even live together at the time. While I couldn't be happier that it went to a good home with new loving lemon-tree parents, I was pretty sad to see it go. Good bye Lemon Tree.


  1. My boyfriend and I just put our first offer in on a house a few days ago, and it went to someone else. And I cried. At work. And then my boss said to me, "Why? It's just a house." Right. Just a house, with a yard, and a basement, and an attic, in the perfect neighborhood, and at a price we could actually afford. And right now we just live in a condo. And will continue to do so, it looks like. Anyway, I FEEL YA. All of the luck to you guys!

    1. Have just sent you an email - want to hear everything :) xoxo

  2. Oh blah, the ups and downs. Because life doesn't have enough of those already right?

  3. Hmm, the fact he called to tell you the offer might fall through--before it went through--seems a bit like giving you a nice paper cut and then pouring lemon juice in it. Wretched luck, that.

    Withing you all the luck in the world as the new year begins . . .