Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Living in Hobart gives you a great ass

We've now been our new house (still sans furniture) for a bit over a week – our furniture is supposed to get here today! The idea that we'll have a fridge and won't be sleeping on the floor? Seems almost too good to be true.

Hobart is a city of hills – sometimes steep ones! – and we currently live within walking distance of everything. And so we walk. And so my, very flat, bottom is getting a very big work out. (If there is one thing you should know about me, it's that I have no junk in the trunk).

To add to that, Inspector Climate (who started his probably short-lived job this week!) and I have decided to try and do all sixty of Tasmania's 60 best short walks. You know I'm serious about it, because I'm adding it to my life list.

We had already done one of the walk when we were here visiting last year. You can read about our adventures to Tasmania's most southern point here.

Over the weekend, we did the Springs to Organ Pipes to the Chalet (not a chalet, a building with three walls and two picnic tables inside) up on Mount Wellington. It was a beautiful day – so far I've been up Mount Wellington twice and both times it has been seriously cold and there has been zero visibility to see the view. But on the weekend, we could see for miles. And it was beautiful.

Although my recommendation is to stop at the Organ Pipes – don't bother continuing to the chalet, it is not exciting. Here are some pics:

There were some people rock climbing on the Organ Pipes (above), very cool.

I spent the entire day singing "I've got my tight pants on" as I wore yoga pants (not only do we not have a fridge or a bed, but I only packed about week's worth of clothes and so my options for outdoor activities were limited). See also Pizza John t-shirt.

Oh, stop it Hobart.


  1. That's pretty friggin' gorgeous (hope you get your stuff soon!)

  2. I have plenty of junk and I'd be happy to donate some if you want :p

  3. Say, I like your hiking fashion. :)

    And its so gorgeous!