Thursday, March 03, 2016

Being cold and wet, just like the convicts of yore.

Last weekend, we had guests visiting us.

I know that doesn't seem revolutionary, but I want to let that sink in. This means that we had a place for them to sleep that was not our living room (or our bedroom)! We have a table on which to eat off of as opposed to our two seater couch. It was the most grown up thing that's ever happened.

Anyway, so we had guests visiting us and we took them to Port Arthur. I had been to Port Arthur once before with my parents in 2006 (apparently, I only go every 10 years). Port Arthur is old convict prison – and we got to experience it on a cold and wet day. Honestly, it felt very fitting. I didn't take very many picture in Port Arthur because it was so wet, I was honestly a bit worried about the safety of my phone/camera.

But here is the penitentiary:

On our drive down to the Tasman Peninsula we also saw a sign for the Unzoo. And so we stopped in on the way back to meet some Tassie Devils – this is Neville.

The Unzoo also had a place where you could give some wallabies, roos, and pademelons a scratch. I  preferred just watching this little joey grabbing a snack.

Then a bit further up the road, we stopped by the tessellated pavement – so very cool. The Tasman peninsula has two different types of tessellated pavement: pan and loaf. I won't bore you with the details, but honestly it was very very cool!