Saturday, April 16, 2016

We are Furmily, I got all my sisters with me!

I've been keeping something a secret (for no other reason than I'm selfishly putting cuddles before all else – even blogging) for about three weeks. (unless of course you follow me on Instagram, which I'm not sure why you would as I've only posted about four times in the last two years.) After years of wanting to get a furbaby, Inspector Climate and I finally adopted a kitten!

Meet Mosie.

We got adopted Mosie from a no kill shelter just outside of Hobart at about 10 weeks old. I'm so smitten, it almost hurts.

She is named Mosie after Modoc the Elephant. Modoc was nicknamed Mosie or Mo. To be fair, our Mosie has no idea what her name is. But she is an absolute cuddle bug (she is currently stretched out across my stomach,  lying over one of my arms). 

She has made me so incredibly happy. I love rushing home from work and getting about 40 minutes of cuddle time before starting to make dinner. We currently are still restricting her access inside our house (she'll be an in door cat, if we do end up buying a house, we may also invest in a cat run), so she only can be in the bedroom and bathroom. However, we are going to start letting her into the kitchen and living room.



  1. I bet daily cuddle time has greatly enhanced your life!

  2. Kittens are the best! They are the most affectionate at this stage, and just so much fun!