Life Listlessly

This is my life list - it is always a work in progress.

Life Listlessly: Travel
Go to all the continents (North America, Australia, Europe, Asia ).
Set foot in all 50 states of the USA ( | New Hampshire | Vermont | Maine | Massachusetts | Rhode Island | New York | Connecticut | Maryland | Virginia | Ohio | Pennsylvania | Kentucky | Tennessee | Arkansas | Oklahoma | Texas | New Mexico | Colorado | Kansas | Nevada | Utah | California | Arizona | Wyoming | Montana | Nebraska | North Dakota | South Dakota | Missouri | Illinois | Indiana | Florida | Mississippi | Delaware | Georgia | North Carolina | South Carolina | Hawaii | Washington |) .
Set foot in all states (or territories) of Australia (| Victoria | New South Wales | Tasmania | Queensland | Western Australia | ACT | South Australia | ).
Travel to Vietnam.
Ride Icelandic ponies in Iceland.
Play with penguins in the Faulkner Islands.
Go to Norfolk Island.
Sunbathe in Vanuatu.
Eat feta in Greece.
Visit Norway/Sweden.
Road trip up the coast of California from LA to San Francisco.
Girl's Holiday with my bestie to Chile and Easter Island
Play with Quokkas on Rottnest Island
Do all 60 of Tasmania's best short walks:1. Springs to Organ Pipes 9. South Cape Walk

Life Listlessly: Muscles
Put both my feet behind my head.
Over come my irrational fear of snorkelling.
Continue swing dancing.
Take salsa classes.
Play tennis.
Become a confident swimmer.

Life Listlessly: Be Crafty
Knit a cardigan by myself.
Sew a dress by myself (or with my mom...and then by myself...I am a clueless sew-er).
Fix and Fit the dress my great grandmother left me (there is a gorgeous (HUGE) black skirt with a giant red flower embroidered into it). And then wear it...
Knit fingerless gloves

Life Listlessly: Nom Nom Nom
Try a thousand cheeses ( 1- 15 Chili lime cheddar | Horseradish cheddar | Habanero Cheddar | Chipotle cheddar | Sun-dried tomato cheddar | Garlic and herb cheddar | Tuscan rubbed cheddar | Maple cheddar | Smoked cheddar | Monterey jack | Colby jack | Pepper jack | Mozzarella | Danish feta | Greek Feta | 16 - 30 Gouda | Halomi | Paneer | Dill cheddar | Brie | Ricotta | Goat cheese | Gorgonzola dulce |  Cream cheese | Provolone | Parmesan | Romano | Swiss cheese | Edam | Cottage cheese | 31 - 45 Camembert | English Stilton | Blue Veined Brie | Manchego | Chaubier Chevre | Pyengana Cheddar | King River Gold | Milawa Gold | Milawa 3 year old Cheddar | Milawa Blue | goat cheese marinated in garlic chilli and herbs | goat Camembert | Milawa Tomme | Bocconcini | Fior de Latte | 46 - 60 Sheep's Feta | Black Wax Cheddar | Gippsland Jensen's Red | White cheese (same family as brie but very mild) | Walnut cheese | Jasper Hill Bayley Hazem Blue | Blue Lodge Farm, La Luna goat's milk cheese | Vermont Creamery herb Chevre | Crawley extra sharp cheddar | Willow Hill Farm Vaquere Blue Cow Sheep | Spring Brook Farm: Vermont Alpine Cheese | Gorgonzola Piccante | Henry Willig smoked goat's cheese (Netherlands) | Bruny Island, C2 Raw Milk Cheese | 61 - 75 Bruny Island, Nanna | Bruny Island, 1792 | Bruny Island, Oen | Wicked Blue, Wicked Cheese Company | Pepato, Wicked Cheese Company |  Persian Feta | Gruyere | Bruny Island, Saint | Bruny Island, o.d.o | Brie Rouzaire – Nangis | Red Hawk Cowgirl Creamery | Mitica Capricho de Cabra | Robiola | Buche Blanche | Tasmanian Red Square | 76 - 100 Goat Diaffinois | St Angel | Furneaux | ).
Grow my own veggies.
Have an herb garden.
Take cooking classes (gluten free baking, asian cooking, chocolate making): Macaron class. Fermentation class.
Throw a 50's cocktail party with a three course meal.
Learn to "plate a dish" like a five star restaurant.
I want to bake and make everything from scratch
Try 100 new recipes (1. Buckeyes. 2. Gingerbread house. 3. Peanut Noodles 4. Hidden Strawberry Cake 5. Gluten free granola bars 6. Upside down pineapple cake 7. The Most Lemon-y Lemon Bars 8. Lemon curd 9. Chilli | 10. Whole Lemon Muffins 11. Roasted Tomato and Basil Pesto 12. Pumpkin Ice Cream 13. Raspberry Macarons 14. Nutella Cake 15. Nutella Pound Cake 16. Spicy Bean and Quinoa Salad 17. Vegetable Curry 18. Black bean + pumpkin burgers 19. Peach Tart 20. Moroccan Butternut Squash 21. Moroccan Spicy Potatoes 22. Peppermint Pattie Brownies 23. African Sweet Potato Stew 24. Goldfish Crackers 25. Crumpets 26. Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies 27. Curried chickpea and spinach patties  28. Chocolate Ripple Cake 29. Caramel Slice 30. Gooey Pumpkin and Cinnamon Cake 31. Moroccan Quinoa Pilaf  32. Smitten Kitchen's Apple Pie 33. Raw Rad Pad Thai 34. Stuck Pot Rice 35. Red Kidney Bean Curry 36. Indian spiced cauliflower and potato 37. Apple butter 38. Apple sauce 39. Plum jam 40. Vietnamese rice noodle salad 41. Vegetable-noodle soup with ginger miso broth 42. Warm the fuck up minestrone – 43. Tortilla soup 44. Wedding soup with white bean ball and kale 45. Roasted Sriracha cauliflower bites 46. Vegetable pad thai with dry fried tofu 47. Roasted chickpea and broccoli burritos 48. Black Pepper Tofu 49. Multi-vegetable Paella 50. Very full tart 51. Brussels sprouts and tofu 52. Fried butter beans with feta and sumac 53. Rice salad with nuts and sour cherries 54. Quinoa porridge with grilled tomatoes 55. Squash with chile yogurt and cilantro sauce 56. Crushed puy lentils with tahini and cumin 57. Cauliflower cake 58. Smitten Kitchens's Ratatouille 59. Smitten Kitchen's Browniest Cookie, 60. I Am Baker's soft and chewy chocolate chip cookies, 61. Brussel Sprout, walnut and cranberry salad (Food Matters), 62. Smitten Kitchen's herbed potato and summer squash torte, 63. Borscht 64. Vegetable kugel 65. Smitten Kitchen's world peace cookies 66. Just a Taste's crispy falafel 67. Just a Taste's Roasted Cauliflower salad )

Life Listlessly: An Education
Publish an article in Nature or National Geographic or some other science-y journal. 
Get an Op-ed published.
(re)Read the classics (Dickens, Bronte, etc) From The Family List: David Copperfield. The Sun Also Rises. Edith Wharton's Ethan Frome; Bunner Sisters; Summer. The Count of Monte Cristo. The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James, Sons and Lovers by D.H. Lawrence, Tess of the D'urbervilles. Portrait of a Young Man as an Artist by James Joyce, The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton, Women in Love by D.H. Lawrence, Still Holding by Bruce Wagner, The Virgin in the Garden by A. Byatt, Anna Kerenina by Tolstoy, The Bell Jar by Slyvia Plath, Netherland by Joseph O'Neill, Catch-22 by Joseph Heller, The Amazing Adventures of Kavelier and Clay by Michael Chabon, The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde, Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury, The House of Spirits by Isabelle Allende, Bastard Out of Carolina by Dorothy Allison, Time's Arrow by Martin Amis, Bullet Park by John Cheever, A Summer Birdcage by Margaret Drabble, One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez)
Environmental Sabbath (for at least a month) - perhaps after that, one a month.
Get better at photography.  

Life Listlessly: Be a Giver
Donate $10,000 to a charity.
Take care of a guide dog puppy for year.
Give a $100 bill to the blind guy who plays a guitar at Queen Vic's Market
Give gifts that mean something

Life Listlessly: Miscellaneous
Own a sustainable house/apartment.
Get a dog.
Attend a black tie function.
Get all dressed up for a night on the town which includes a fancy restaurant obviously.
Get married in my mom's garden.  (September 2012)
Get a compost and mayhap a worm farm.
A Quarterly Closet Cull (try for one year)
Interact more with the blogging community.
Start sending post cards to the neicephews again.
Be photographed by Kyle Hepp (Second wedding, September 2012)
See The Ellen Show live